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Lifestyle or profit


Is this what you dream of too? Waking up in your own exclusive residence by the sea in the Philippines? Let us guide you to the ultimate luxury experience. We wish you a very warm welcome at THE OCOY Hotel & Villas. The Project is all about luxury, comfort and quality of life! The materials used ensure that the structures are sustainable, while the layout creates a contemporary look that blends in perfectly with the over 101 Luxury Villas

Opportunity 1

Investment in Lifestyle

Villa owners’ main objective is to have a personal lifestyle product. They are not going to put their Villa into the hotel’s inventory for potential hotel guests, rather, get the benefit of a luxury stunning lifestyle.

Opportunity 2

Return on Investment

Villa owners’ main objective is return on investment. The owner will acquire villas as investment properties and put them for the hotel operations (the villa will be shown as part of the inventory of the hotel booking system) and get benefit of a yearly profit and 3 weeks holidays.

Reason to invest

why the philippines

The Philippines is one of the biggest tourism hub in Asia with substantial increase 20% per year. The Philippines undoubtedly have a great deal of potential for the future. There are many reasons, why it is now the best time to invest in the Philippines, especially in Bantayan Island!

Most dynamic economies

in the East Asia (past decade in average +5%)

Economic growth

High and sustained

Value increases

Property value increases about 10 – 12% yearly

Political stability
English speaking

World third largest English speaking country

Reason to invest

why bantayan island

Bantayan is a unique island in the Philippines, well preserved with an intact local community. The island is kept neat and clean. The fine white sandy beaches are among the best in the area. Bantayan is blessed by its sheltered location, which creates an ideal microclimate. Bantayan offers excellent accessibility via the international gateway of Cebu and the local airport in Santa Fe or the island’s por.

a new touristic hot spot

Bantayan Island has just started rising to fame as a new island destination in the Philippines. It has become a setting of various local movies in the country and has definitely captivated the hearts of the tourists both local and foreign. With its laid-back nature, serene surroundings, & peaceful community, it has gained the attention and has been one of the bucket-list or go-to destinations of many. It is one of the priority tourism hub of the government as well.


Cebu, being dubbed as the „Queen City of the South“ is strategically located at the heart of the Philippines. It is therefore very much accessible from anywhere in the country and even from most parts of the globe with direct flights from different countries in Asia, UAE, Qatar, and 1 stop flights from other destinations as well. Bantayan Island will have direct flights from Cebu, Manila & Clark.

untouched destination

Bantayan Island, despite its beauty and grandeur has been well preserved and is still on its way to becoming a world-class destination. It is a high-time to invest in this promising location while its still developing and be the first of the few who can enjoy what this beautiful paradise can offer.

Educated & Friendly Locals

Bantayan Island is the home of about 130,000 smiling natives. Majority of the population are educated and can speak and understand English which makes it very easy to navigate around.

Sustainable Tourism

The island has all the requirements for a sustainable tourism, namely, electricity, water, & manpower. It also prides itself for being the “egg basket capital” of Cebu with its massive poultry farm produce as well as the bountiful harvest of the sea.

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