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the stunning island

Welcome to your
piece of paradise.

Discover the turquoise water that reflects the stars. Experience the microclimate under the radiant sun as if the Nature has chosen to reveal all its splendor on this one patch of the earth. Its crystal-clear water and it’s long stretch of powdery white sand beach, the stunning sunset behind the well preserved mangroves and the sweet smiling natives made this amazing island your personal haven. Welcome to your piece of paradise – welcome HOME!

Accessibility –
well connected with the world.

Cebu has a vibrant cosmopolitan with all support facilities and amenities needed for ideal lifestyle. It is the Home of Quality Education with 62 International & local Schools and Universities plus 4 International Culinary Schools.

Cebu is the most accessible place in the Philippines. It is the gateway of Central and Southern Philippines which is more accessible with more domestic and international air and sea linkages than Manila. Bantayan Island is part of the Visayan Island in the geographical heart of the Philippines and has a surface of approximately 116 km2. The island lays just a short distance away from Cebu the second biggest city in the Philippines after Manila. The international airport of Cebu has daily nonstop connections to a number of Asians hubs such as, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, South Korea, Hongkong, China as welll as Dubai. There are several daily flight connections between Cebu and Bantayan. The flight from Cebu takes approximately 25 minutes.

The local values

The island is composed of three municipalities, specifically Bantayan with an impressive Baroque Church from the 16th century (UNESCO World Heritage), Madridejos and Santa Fe. Next to crystal-clear waters and the beaches with powdery white sand, Bantayan Island offers a lot more.


Every year Bantayan Island has become more and more popular as a greater number of people from around the world discover its charm and peaceful seclusion. Just a single walk along a sunset beach or a leisurely stroll on a scooter beneath arching coconut palm tree lined roads, is all it takes to firmly cement Bantayan Island into your list of favourite destinations.


Many people who come to Bantayan Island are not aware that the Island has a very large fishing and farming community. Bantayan Island is known as the «Egg Basket» of Cebu. Amazingly, Bantayan Island is the largest producer of fresh crab anywhere in the Philippines. One of the major sources of income for the people of the island is from the fishing trade. Large quantities of fish are found off shore from Bantayan Island that come from the rich sea life of the China sea. A visit at the local fish market in Bantayan is a «must» while you stay at THE OCOY Hotel & Villas, a perfect combination of LUXURY living & LOCAL touch.

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