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Heinz zimmermann


A Swiss National, Chairman of Philswiss United Holdings Corp. He is the Owner and Managing Director of Top Line Group, a group of various companies with key competencies in tourism marketing and real estate. With a deep-rooted 25 years of experience in marketing, events planning, web design, real estate & business consultations, his company has been awarded as the Best Marketing Agency for Real Estate in Europe. Mr. Zimmermann was also a former Worldwide Director of Kuoni, a century old tourism company, and is currently the President of the Asia Committee in Switzerland as well as Chairman of the Visit USA Committee and Chair of the US Advisory Board Switzerland. After completing his studies in business administration and marketing in Zurich and Geneva, he became very actively involved in tourism and real estate. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also an instructor and a tourism expert at several universities and is also dynamically involved in marketing and educating tourism professionals of Asia.