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Hans Chua epitomizes the harmonious blend of Filipino and Chinese legacies, resonating through three generations within the nation. His dynamic career trajectory has propelled him into pivotal roles, currently reigning as the Vice President of Simon Agribusiness Corporation. In addition to this prestigious position, he also holds the esteemed title of President for GameChanger Agriculture Corporation.

Hans Chua’s influence extends far and wide across the corporate landscape, as he also serves as an active Director of various entities within the Simon Group of Companies. These include Lake Shore Merchants Corporation, Iba Botanicals Corporation, Yahong Foods Corporation, and RSA Agribusiness. Each of these roles underscores his unparalleled strategic insight and resolute commitment to driving excellence within diverse realms of business.

Hans Chua adeptly oversees procurement, importation, strategic orchestration, research, government liaison, logistics, and risk management within Simon Agribusiness, drawing from his deep agricultural experience. Moreover, he plays a crucial role as the Business Development Manager for the expansive Simon Group of Companies, underpinning their continuous growth and diversification.

Prior to assuming his present roles, his career path was illuminated by a noteworthy tenure spanning seven years with Cargill Risk Management. This esteemed experience laid the foundation for his subsequent journey within the family corporation, infusing his strategic endeavors with a wealth of industry knowledge and insight.